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Represent Army on Furlough

Editor's note: This story originally ran in the Dec. 10, 1942 edition of The Hood Panther.

During the next month many of the personnel of this post will enjoy furloughs. Transportation will be undertaken during an all time high in holiday travel congestion. The actions and conduct of men in uniform who are on a long journey make deep and unforgettable impressions on civilians who share with them the discomforts of wartime rail travel.

Ten suggestions for traveling service men to follow are offered by Capt. T.C. Kahn, S.C., as a result of observation made while doing considerable traveling:

Don't drink before or while traveling. Nothing can give the service a black eye faster than an intoxicated soldier. 

Don't push in crowds, linger in dining cars or sit while ladies are standing. Chivalry and courtesy are always noticed and appreciated.

Don't be sloppy when you travel. Always be neat and in correct uniform.

Don't dirty seats, floors or station platforms with discarded papers and wrappers.

Don't chew gun vulgarly or noisily.

Don't smoke in cars not designated as smokers.

Don't be noisy or shout, especially when others want to sleep.

Treat officers with the same respect as you would at your post. Officers should always set the example of proper conduct.

Plan your trip and make all necessary arrangements so you will not be a burden to others.

Do not discuss military matters or argue religion and politics with civilians. Your silence on military subjects will give them confidence in the Army.

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