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4th Armored Division to be Activated at Hood

Editor’s note: This article ran in the Armored Sentinel, April 15, 1954.

The new armored division to be activated June 15, at Fort Hood will bear the designation of the 4th Armored “Breakthrough” Division, which won fame in the five European campaigns in World War II, Fourth Army headquarters announced this week.

As announced by the Army a month ago, the unit will be maintained slightly below the normal armored division strength of 14,756.

Its cadre of officers and enlisted men is being drawn from Army units and installations throughout the United States.

Activities at Pine Camp, N.Y., on April 15, 1941, for World War II service the 4th Armored launched in Normandy on July 17, 1944, a series of battle actions which continued through France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and Czechoslovakia.

After initial action at Coutances the division loped off the Brittany peninsula, drove across the Mossele River and enveloped the town of Nancy.

From Dec. 22 - 26, 1944, after a 19- hour forced march of 151 miles the 4th fought its way across the Arlon-Bastogne Highway to assist the beleaguered 101st Airborne Division. Six weeks later the division pierced the Siegfried Line and marched to the Rhine.

After reaching Czechoslovakia the 4th Armored Division was returned to Germany and redesigned the first constabulary brigade.

In 1949 it was redesignated the 4th Armored Division and inactivated on May 20, 1949.

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