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Most Korean Wounded Here Get Promoted

Editor’s note:Editor’s note: This article is a reprint from Tracks and Half tracks, Jan. 25, 1951.

Returnees from Korea who were wounded in combat are given top priority on promotion lists upon assignment to a unit here according to a new 2nd Armored Division policy.

As of last Friday, 133 of 145 Korean wounded eligible for promotion had been promoted. The other 12 eligible had not received final promotion orders for one reason or another, such as TDY away from the parent unit, illness, or on leave.

Promotions for wounded Korean veterans are made if there is a vacancy for that promotion in the unit and if the veteran has not been promoted since the date he was wounded. If he has been promoted since the date of his wound, he is not eligible for promotion on this priority basis.

Of the 133 promoted, 42 were promoted to sergeant; 73 corporal; 17 to private first class and one to private, E-2.

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