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World War II Hero Audie Murphy Trains at Fort Hood

Audie Murphy

Editor’s note: This article appeared in the Armored Sentinel, July 9, 1953.

Cpt. Audie Murphy, America’s most highly decorated hero of World War II was a guest speaker Tuesday afternoon at the Fort Hood Noncommissioned Officers’ Academy.

He emphasized the seriousness of the training at the academy and reminded the men of the importance of the jobs they will assume upon graduation.

Well known as the movie star of such films as: “The Red Badge of Courage” Capt. Murphy is now a member of the 36th Infantry Division, Texas National Guard, which is currently undergoing is annual summer training at North Fort Hood.

Cpt. Murphy holds all of America’s highest citations for courage on the battlefield including the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star with cluster, Purple Heart with two clusters, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star and several decorations given by foreign countries.

Murphy entered the army in 1942 and in Feb. 1943 was ordered overseas as an infantry replacement.

He joined the 3rd Infantry Division at Casa Blanca and fought with it in North Africa, Sicily and Italy as a member of B. Co., 15th Infantry Regiment.

In Italy because of a lack of officers Cpt. Murphy led a platoon while holding the rank of sergeant

He was offered a battlefield commission but turned it down to remain with the 3rd Division.

Later when he was offered a commission plus the opportunity to remain with the division he accepted it.

Finally he was promoted to 1st Lt. and was elevated to commander of B. Co., 15th Infantry Regiment.

A native Texan, Cpt. Murphy was born in Kingston and attended school in Celeste.

His family was living in Farmersville when he entered the service.

He joined the National Guard in 1950 and takes time off from his movie work each summer to fly to Fort Hood from Hollywood to take part in summer training activities of the 36th Division.

During the current training program Cpt. Murphy is conducting a bayonet training program at North Fort Hood.

He is in charge of training 1 officer and 16 NCOs from each Regiment in the Division who will in turn become instructors at their home stations throughout the remainder of the year.

“The Korean War taught us a lesson in the use of the bayonet,” Cpt. Murphy told members of the Noncommissioned Officer Academy.

“At the end of World War II we thought methods of warfare had changed so that we could throw it out the window, but it is still a valuable weapon. Proficiency in the use of the bayonet gives a man courage.”

Cpt. Murphy was a luncheon guest of Col. Ehf Sevenson, 1st Armored Division Chief of Staff this afternoon at the Fort Hood Officers’ Club.

Accompanying Capt. Murphy was Lt. Col. William Dickinson, 36th Division Chaplain.

It was he who performed the ceremony when Capt. Murphy was wedded to Ms. Pamela Archer of Dallas.

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