Fort Hood, Texas

...The Great Place


DACH Constructed

Darnall Army Community Hospital

Darnall Army Community Hospital opened in April 1965. Constructed in the latest military design of that time, the original building cost $6 million and was furnished with $6 million of equipment.

Built to support a one-division installation of 17,000 troops, the original structure was soon outgrown as Fort Hood expanded to a full-fledged Corps. In order to meet the growing medical needs, a massive addition and reconstruction project began in 1979 and was completed Dec. 13, 1984. With the completion of the $49.7 million addition/renovation project, Darnall doubled in size. Outpatient clinic space tripled, the number of operating rooms increased from five to six, the number of delivery room from two to fours, and a Same-Day-Surgery Center with two smaller operating rooms was added. In addition, the entire interior of the original building was upgraded. Today, Darnall supports more than 42,000 active duty personnel and more than 100,000 family members and retirees within a 40-mile radius.

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