Fort Hood, Texas

...The Great Place


Fort Hood Gets Heavy

Editors Note: During the 1960’s, Fort Hood played a role in Vietnam by training and deploying soldiers. Also important was deterrence of the further advance of communism. Fort Hood “heavied up” and was officially designated a two-division post - 1st and 2d Armored Division both were stationed here simultaneously.

1st Armored Division Reactivation

1st Armd. Div. Reactivated Jan. 3, 1962 with Combat Command Activity of the division becoming the nucleus, in response to the Berlin Crisis.

The Cuban Missile Crisis occurred on Oct. 22, 1962 and the 1st Armd Div was sent to Florida in response as part of STRAC, the Strategic Army Corps.

Big Lift and Desert Strike

The next big exercise to affect Fort Hood soldiers was Big Lift on Oct. 21, 1963. The concept of Big Lift was to send the soldiers of a division to pre-positioned equipment in Europe within 72 hours of notification.

Desert Strike in May 1964 was a mass movement of troops to the desert Southwest. Almost all of Fort Hood sent on the Desert Strike operation: III Corps and the 1st and 2nd Armored Divisions all went.

Vietnam and Fort Hood

The war in Vietnam brought back the Selective Service Act and draftees. In 1965, the 1st and 2nd Armored Divisions were training new recruits for combat in Vietnam.

While the two armored divisions were training recruits, III Corps was preparing war plans for the European theater.

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