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Beret Discussion in 1980

Editors note: In 1980 the soldiers of Fort Hood were considering an issue that, more recently, became a reality to all soldiers. Here is what they had to say about the beret being the headgear worn by all soldiers. These quotes originally appeared in the Oct. 23 1980 edition of the Fort Hood Sentinel.

How do you feel about wearing a beret?

SSgt. Dean Mullican from the 411th MP Co., 89th MP Grp., III Corps " My personal feeling are that the people that are in Special Forces are defiantly entitled to wear the beret because I think that they earned the right to wear it. I think too, that it gives them a lot of esprit de corps, that they have rightfully earned."

"I'm not too much in favor of giving everybody a beret. Well, one reason is I don't think the United States Army should have berets for everybody because we are the U.S. Army not the British Army."

"I've heard some of the guys at my unit comment that they would like to see the MP's wear berets, but personally, I wouldn't. I like the old traditional white hat. The only thing wrong with it is that sometimes that thing stands out like a sore thumb at night."

Spc. Gregory Winston from 181st Chem. Det., 553rd S&S Bn., 13th COSCOM

"No, I haven't heard about them, but I've seen people wearing them. I'd like to wear one. I think it would be all right if the whole Army wore them. It's a good style. I think they are better than those baseball caps. They look better. Those caps are not too hot. I think it would be a 100 percent improvement."

Pfc. Monte Ladson from the 1st Bn., 67th Armor, 2nd Armd. Div. "It would be all right. They might as well give them to the whole Army. This baseball cap is getting kind of old. We need a change of pace. There would be nothing wrong with a change.

SSgt. Steven C. Runyan from the 57th Sig. Bn., 3rd Sig. Bde.

When I was stationed at Fort Sill, we were just in the process of turning over to the berets then. It was more of a hindrance than anything else, as far as trying to find something to separate each one of the units, with the background of the crest and the berets themselves. Trying to obtain them, and whether to make it a self purchase item, or an issue item. It was more of a hindrance, more trouble than it was worth."

"We went through all the trouble of going from Fort Sill to San Antonio to buy the berets and they only lasted about four months up there."

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