Fort Hood, Texas

...The Great Place


1990s - Warfighting, peacekeeping, transforming

Fort Hood soldier in Bosnia

In August 1990, Fort Hood was alerted for deployments to Southwest Asia as part of the joint participating in Operation Desert Shield. The deployment to Saudi Arabia began in September, extending into mid-October. 1st Cavalry Division would play a pivotal role in Operation Desert Storm.

From December 1992 to May 1993, Fort Hood soldiers deployed to Somalia for Operation Restore Hope to command and control the Joint Task Force Support Command.

Fort Hood units supported Operation Joint Endeavor in Bosnia, to help bring an end to the years of bloodshed in that war torn country. In October 1998, the 1st Cavalry Division was the first United States division to assume authority of the Multinational Division (North) area of operation in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The mission was to conduct operations to enforce the military provisions set forth be the Dayton Peace Accords. The Fort Hood troopers served as our nation’s ambassadors. Their day-to-day presence and commitment to the citizens of this ravaged nation helped prove that a lasting and self-sustaining peace is possible.

In 1998, the Ironhorse Division was designated to be the Army's first Multi-Component unit. The main objective being to enhance Total Force integration, optimize the unique capabilities of each component, and improve the overall readiness of the Army. The program was developed to leverage the strengths of the Army's three components (active, reserve and National Guard). As such, 515 positions within the division were designated as reserve component. These positions include individuals, a unit from the Wyoming National Guard and dual-mission units from the National Guard.

During the 1990's, Fort Hood continued an extensive building program to modernize the post. This modernization continues today with emphasis on quality of life, force protection and training. The Robertson Blood Center, Soldier Development Center, and a new Commissary at Warrior Way have been completed. Many other improvements were made to improve the Power Projection Mission of the post such as improvements to the railhead and the runaway at Gray. Training ranges were upgraded.

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