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Fort Hood Welcomes Ironhorse Division

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The 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized) was designated the Army's Experimental Force on December 15, 1995 as its colors were unfurled for the first time over Central Texas and Fort Hood. A new chapter in its long and glorious history began as its soldiers were given the mission to lead the Army into the 21st Century.

Three decades earlier, the 4th Infantry Division was selected in 1958 to be sole infantry component in the Strategic Army Corps (STRAC) and assigned the mission to suppress aggression wherever American interests were threatened.

American interests were threatened and the 4th Infantry Division recieved orders to deploy to Vietnam.

The 4th Infantry Division returned from Vietnam in December of 1970 and settled at Fort Carson, Colorado, where it reorganized as a mechanized unit and remained for 25 years. It was during the Division’s time at Fort Carson that its nickname transitioned from the “Ivy” Division to the “Ironhorse” Division. The nickname, “Ironhorse,” remains today in recognition of the Division’s readiness for contingency deployment worldwide.

Twenty-five years after making its home in Colorado, the Ironhorse Division was again restationed to meet the Army's requirements but this move would be quite different from others. The Ironhorse Division became a split-based organization with six brigades and three separate battalions stationed at Fort Hood and the 3rd Brigade Combat Team remaining at Fort Carson.

In December 1995, the Division began thoroughly training, testing and evaluating of 72 initiatives to include the Division Capstone Exercise (DCX) I held at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California in April 2001, and culminating in the DCX II held at Fort Hood in October 2001.

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