INSTALLATION STATUS: Open Protecting Fort Hood starts with you. If you see or hear anything suspicious, call 288-COPS (2677). Think....Protect...OPSEC!

Protecting Fort Hood starts with you. If you see or hear anything suspicious, call 288-COPS (2677). Think....Protect...OPSEC!


Western District of Texas

U.S. District (Magistrate) Court Office

MG Williams Judicial Center
Bldg. 5794, Tank Destroyer Blvd.
P. O. Box 5507
Fort Hood, Texas 76544-0507
Located near the East Gate two blocks
east of the Club Hood complex

Operations Clerk:

Traffic citations on Fort Hood
POC: Connie Trumbo
Phone: 254-669-6183
Fax: 254-287-3487
Hours: 0800-1400

DES - U.S. Magistrate Court Security Office:

Questions concerning security-related issues at the Courthouse:
Phone: 254-287-5683
Fax: 254-287-3487
Hours: 0800-1600

Federal Prosecution Office:

MAJ Nicholas E. Hurd
Anton M. Streeter, Paralegal

Fort Hood VETS Court Information:

Fort Hood Warrant List:

Fort Hood Regulation 190-5  Fort Hood Traffic Code revised as of 11 OCT 2013

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What information do I need if I receive a ticket on Fort Hood?
Answer: Payment instructions are on the back side of the ticket; or, you may contest the violation by appearing on your scheduled court date. For specific information contact the Operations Clerk at Building #5794 or call 254-669-6183.

Question: How do I pay the fine?
Answer: You may pay online at or call 1-800-827-2982 ext. 0.

Question: How long do I have to pay a citation?
Answer: If you do not pay the ticket within 21 days, you will be scheduled for a future court date. You have until that court date to pay the ticket or appear personally in Court to contest your ticket. If you have not received a written notice for a Court date, call the clerk (254-669-6183) approximately six weeks after the date you received your ticket.

Question: Where do I get information if my ticket also affects driving privileges on Fort Hood?
Answer: Contact Police Administration (Room 103, MP station, 58th and Battalion) within ten days. Those violations may include, but are not limited to, failure to maintain financial responsibility (no insurance); driving while license invalid/suspended/revoked or expired vehicle registration. Certain violations require an administrative hearing which must be scheduled within ten days of receiving the ticket.

Question: What should I do if my traffic citation/misdemeanor is in warrant status?
Answer: Contact the CVB clerk immediately at 254-669-6183 (traffic tickets) or misdemeanors (DUIs, et al)
at 254-750-1504.

Question: What if I am arrested for a DUI or other misdemeanor offense on Fort Hood and need information on court dates and procedures?
Answer: Contact Magistrate Courtroom Deputy Emily Lewis McElreath at or 254-750-1504.

Question: What if I have lost my driving privileges on Fort Hood?
Answer: You can make an appointment for restricted driving privileges at: C221, III Corps Headquarters, Bldg. 1001, telephone: (254) 287-3655 or (254) 287-7404 or the website: and select Administrative and Civil Law Division.