Fort Hood Configuration Control Board

The Ft Hood Network Enterprise Center is responsible for the installation Configuration Control Board (CCB) process.

The CCB serves as the mechanism through which the Ft Hood NEC approves changes, additions, upgrades, version improvements and deletions of all hardware, software or infrastructure of existing, new, or modernized IT systems and networks on the installation. All decisions, direction and management of Configuration Items (CI) are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and DoD/Army Regulations, policy and guidance.

Below is a depiction of the overall process and required CCB Request form. The CCB request process is started when the unit Systems Administrator/IASO submits a CCB request form into the Remedy system. The requestor will be contacted by a member of the Technical Review Working Group to assist in the analysis of the request. Upon completion of the technical analysis, the request is sent to the CCB for voting. The CCB is conducted on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Results will be communicated back to the requestor via the Remedy ticket.

On a case by case basis to support urgent operational requirements, an out of cycle (e-vote) will be considered. Requests for off-cycle voting will be submitted into the CCB Remedy ticket.


Mission Statement: Provide transparent delivery, sustainment and defense of LandWarNet capabilities across the Fort Hood AOR enabling unity of command and synchronization of the Enterprise in support of full spectrum operations.


Vision Statement: Recognized SME and single service provider for all C4IM services, enabling information dominance across and through the Fort Hood AOR.