INSTALLATION STATUS: Open Protecting Fort Hood starts with you. If you see or hear anything suspicious, call 288-COPS (2677). Think....Protect...OPSEC!

Protecting Fort Hood starts with you. If you see or hear anything suspicious, call 288-COPS (2677). Think....Protect...OPSEC!


My Army Benefits

Army Benefits

The training and salary you get as a Soldier are only some of the ways the Army strengthens you for tomorrow. The Army also offers money for education, comprehensive health care, generous vacation time, family services and support groups, special pay for special duties, and cash allowances to cover the cost of living.


Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS)

Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) is a dynamic Department of the Army program that single Soldiers can participate in to enhance their Quality of Life, contribute to their community through Community Service activities, and assist in the planning and execution of their own Recreation and Leisure events.

The BOSS program focuses on the department of the Army active duty single Soldier, but BOSS activities are open to all MWR patrons to include the National Guard, Army Reserve, other branches of service, Department of Defense civilians, Foreign Service members and geographical bachelors. Anyone can participate with the BOSS program.

Fort Hood Clubs

Dining and Clubbing

Fort Hood Dining Services is nationally recognized for innovative programs, state-of-the-art facilities, high quality food, and a warm and welcoming staff. We cater to your need for convenience and flexibility, providing a variety of menu choices, dining hours, and meal plans. Our program is designed to deliver fresh, healthy, and tasty meals.

A favorite activity in the Greater Killeen Area involves packing into dimly-lit converted warehouse or clubs, wearing trendy clothes, listen to all kinds of eardrum-shattering music, hanging out with friends, and conversing and dancing with members of the opposite sex or "Clubbing" for short.

Army Continueing Education System Logo

Educational Opportunities

The ACES mission is to improve the combat readiness of the Total Army by planning, resourcing, and implementing educational programs and services to support the professional and personal development of quality soldiers, adult family members, and DACs.

Education and training mutually support and enhance the combat readiness of the Army. Additionally, they are key elements in the Army's leader development program. ACES education programs and services are designed to expand soldier skills, knowledge, and attitudes (SKAs).

Entertainment Picture

Entertainment and Events

Fort Hood and the Greater Killeen Area offer a wide variety of entertainment options, including; High Energy Dance and Show Bands, Alternative Rock Groups, Contemporary Jazz Artists, Calypso and Reggae Bands, Disc Jockeys, Standup Comedy Acts and Dance Reviews. Whether it's a Top 40 Dance Band or a Major National Show you will find it Area entertainment can create that special atmosphere for you and your friends.

Sports Picture

Sports and Recreation

Fort Hood is located in the heart of central Texas and is the largest military base in the free world. We strive to provide a wide range of recreational actives, sporting events, and other programs to help all soldiers obtain a better quality of life.
Sports Office Recreational Activities