INSTALLATION STATUS: Open Protecting Fort Hood starts with you. If you see or hear anything suspicious, call 288-COPS (2677). Think....Protect...OPSEC!

Protecting Fort Hood starts with you. If you see or hear anything suspicious, call 288-COPS (2677). Think....Protect...OPSEC!


All soldiers – except those assigned to Operational Test Command, the hospital or dental command – arriving at Fort Hood will report directly to the Copeland Soldier Service Center, Bldg. 18010 at the intersection of T.J. Mills Blvd. (primary road from the Main Gate) and Battalion Ave. The Copeland Center is open 24 hours daily.

In-Processing hours of operation and points of contact:

Phone calls…

Fort Hood is serviced by area code 254. There are several DSN prefixes on post. The DSN prefix corresponds to the commercial numbers assigned.

  • 566 is the DSN prefix for numbers with a 286 prefix.      663 is the DSN prefix for numbers with a 553 prefix.
  • 725 is the DSN prefix for numbers with a 285 prefix.      737 is the DSN prefix for numbers with a 287 prefix.
  • 738 is the DSN prefix for numbers with a 288 prefix.      259 is the DSN prefix for numbers with a 618 prefix.

Questions about coming to Fort Hood can be answered by the Copeland Soldier Service Center at: 254-287-3832 or DSN: 737-3832.


The year-round duty uniform for most soldiers at Fort Hood is the Army Combat Uniform (ACU). When reporting during duty hours, you may do so in either ACUs, the Class A or B uniform. After duty hours, you may report in civilian clothes.

Upon arrival at Bldg. 18010, you will furnish the information desk attendant 5 copies of your orders, leave form, military personnel file, medical and dental records. CW5s, lieutenant colonels and colonels with pinpoint assignments should still report to Bldg. 18010.

PVT thru MAJ…

During in-processing, Soldiers – privates through majors – will follow schedules for mandatory events. Actual in-processing lasts approximately three working days.

CW5 thru COL…

After reporting in, Soldiers in the rank of colonel, lieutenant colonel, CW5, sergeant major and master sergeant (P) will be directed to the Office Personnel Management Division (OPMD) located in III Corps Headquarters, Building 1001, Room 126 for further assignment processing.


Master sergeants (P) and sergeants major are directed to III Corps HQ for further assignment processing. All other officers, NCOs and enlisted Soldiers will be processed through the 21st Replacement Detachment. After signing in, you will be directed or transported to the Replacement Detachment or transient quarters for sleeping accommodations and directions for the next day.

Bring your records!

Personnel staff members at Fort Hood will need copies of your orders and new addresses so they can update your military records, insurance, emergency data card and change of address card. Your ID card will be checked and a new one issued, if necessary.

Medical & Dental screenings…

Medical and dental specialists will screen your records for special considerations and immunization needs. You’ll be given a dental examination and an appointment for a hearing screening. Your unit will provide the name and location of the servicing medical clinic. Emergency care is always available at Darnall Medical Center.

Finance check…

Finance specialists will need more copies of orders, leave form and receipts. All calculations will be made for any money that may need to be collected. If you are due money, you’ll be directed to a cashier for payment.

Banking reps…

Local banking representatives will be available in Bldgs. 18010 and 16008 for any soldier who wishes to open an account. A list of area financial institutions will also be made available.

ACS & you…

Army Community Service staff members provide welcome packets, one-on-one counseling, access to the ACS Loan Closet, as well as the Office of Citizenship & Immigration information for family members. Hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Off-post housing…

The housing staff located on the second floor of Copeland, Bldg. 18010 will provide a complete list of available off-post housing. Those eligible may be placed on a list for on post housing at this time.

Household goods…

Once you get settled in your unit, or have obtained housing, you must notify the Transportation Office. Household goods and hold baggage will be delivered by appointment and you will need a copy of your inventory sheet completed by the carrier at your last location.


Out-Processing hours of operation and points of contact:

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